Bluebella X StyleLikeU • Pascale Neuschafer 2022
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Bluebella X StyleLikeU

  • A woman's arm with a tattoo of a plant and black lingerie
  • A woman with a large nose and blonde her looks off into the distance
  • A woman with blonde hair, pink lips and mascara looks off into the distance
  • A woman with long, dark brown hair and a fringe, wearing pink lipstick, her bare shoulder is exposed

In the #LOVEYOURSELF campaign, luxury lingerie brand BLUEBELLA have teamed up with StyleLikeU for a video series interviewing four women about what sensuality and self-love mean to them.


Please visit the link below for more videos:


Client: BLUEBELLA & StyleLikeU
Directors: Elisa Goodkind & Lily Mandelbaum
Cinematographer: Pascale Neuschäfer
Additional Camera Operator: Laura Seward

Commercial | Online