Jill Craigie: Film Pioneer • Pascale Neuschafer 2022
cinematographer cape town, female cinematographer, cinematographer South Africa, Pascale Neuschäfer, Pascale Neuschafer, female DOP, London, UK
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Jill Craigie: Film Pioneer

  • A woman in a pink blouse, sitting at a wooden desk is looking into a suitcase
  • A woman in a light pink blouse and red lipstick looks down at something
  • Two men are talking to each other at a wooden desk in front of a wood-paneled fire place
  • A man wearing round spectacles, a wig and a suit and tie is talking
  • A woman leans against a wooden door eavesdropping
  • A man in a yellow short and white trousers standing at the edge of a river, in front of a deck chair

This documentary feature explores film director Jill Craigie’s unique contribution to documentary filmmaking and British cinema and her contrasting identities as director, writer, early media ‘personality’ and wife of former Labour leader, Michael Foot. Archival footage and Craigie’s own words from letters, diaries and interviews present an intimate film portrait of the life and career of this pioneering director whose work imagines a new place for women post-World War Two.


Director: Lizzie Thynne
Cinematographer: Pascale Neuschäfer



Wales International Film Festival (Wales, 2020)

Documentary, Narrative