Langholm Stories
Pascale Neuschafer is an award-wining female cinematographer, dop, dp, director of photography and camera operator, based in London and Cape Town and works internationally
cinematographer, director of photography, female cinematographer, female dop, dop, dp, camera operator, filmmaker, cape town, london, united kingdom, uk, south africa, award-winning
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Langholm Stories

Once a year the townsfolk and exiles of Langholm gather to witness the Langholm Common Riding. Set in the heart of the  Scottish Borders – a beautiful, yet isolated town – it contains a large remnant of Lallans Scots speakers, ever happy to discuss their historical connections and relationships. (2016, 58min)


Director: Jamie Telford
Cinematographer: Pascale Neuschäfer
Editor: Kerrin Kokot
Production Company: Luxury Noise (UK)