The Bones on Greenwich Shore
Pascale Neuschafer is an award-wining female cinematographer, dop, dp, director of photography and camera operator, based in London and Cape Town and works internationally
cinematographer, director of photography, female cinematographer, female dop, dop, dp, camera operator, filmmaker, cape town, london, united kingdom, uk, south africa, award-winning
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The Bones on Greenwich Shore

What would you do if the one you loved carried a secret so dark that it threatened to shatter your entire world? Based on true events, this film explores the mysteries of love and coincidence in a riveting story that sets the lives of a young student and the painter she meets on a gut-wrenching journey of discovery.
(2016, 80min)


Writer/Director: Ken Barnes
Cinematographer: Pascale Neuschäfer
Starring: Richard Cotton, Ena Uda
Production Company: Twilight Bay Films